Our Goal

Marine Bidco B.V. is dedicated to handling all logistics problems and creating value for our customers. Our management team has a strong history of execution through all key phases of the logistics industry. Marine Bidco B.V. goal is to build enduring relationships with all our valuable customers or partners all over the world based on hard work, trust, ethical behavior and equitable dealings. we have the ability to move quickly to provide the storage services and logistics solutions that our customers require. READ MORE

Welcome to Marine Bidco B.V.

Marine Bidco B.V. is a leading independent liquid bulk storage and logistics solutions provider. Marine Bidco B.V. has successfully bridges the gap between supply and demand centers through efficient logistics planning and expert managem­­ent. With a flexible approach to every customer's unique requirements, Marine Bidco B.V. manages the storage and transportation requirements for many of the world's leading market participants.

The main value and the foundation of our company is our people. Marine Bidco B.V has a team of highly skilled professionals with unique experience in storage logistics and Freight Transportation, Oil & Gas logistics and Export Import Management.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Ocean Services</span>
Ocean Services
Ocean Transport is a vital part of the world economy. We offer the right system for all cargoes or tanker vessels depending on its nature, volume, type, etc
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Handling&nbsp;</span>
handling and storing of luquid fuel oils are often overlooked in the production of good quality finished products at the lowest possible costs.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Storage and Transshipment</span>
Storage and Transshipment
All facilities used by Marine Bidco B.V. are fitted with essential equipment and are easily accessed by sea vessels, pipeline, barges, railway cars, and trucks,